Hi Everyone, Thursday’s Let’s get organized tip is getting posted a little late. Sorry! This is so simple. Take a look at the picture below. 1. These claw clips are awesome – you can get a bunch of them at Staples for around $3.99 – I use these clips for EVERYTHING!  As you can see in picture #2 […]

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ONESIES – How FUN and Affordable

Hi All, I got this idea from   She did a video on how to make a cupcake onesie, and I thought I could do that.  So I got some Fat Quarters from Beverly’s and a pack of Gerber white onesies for $5.00 and here are three of my creations.  Cutting fabric with the Cricut is AWESOME.

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Todays tip for organization is simple…. Use the DOLLAR STORE!  Today I found awesome baskets at the Dollar Store for organizing my pens, they are long and slender.  I have a couple at home already, but I needed some for my office.  Tina actually turned me on to that tip.  The cool thing is at […]

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Our 1st Simple Technique Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday!  I wanted to do this little segment because some of the most simple techniques are the ones that I use the most, and are the greatest in my collection.  We are going to start off with a super simple one.  Use your computer for journaling.  I use to hate journaling my pages […]

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Scrapbooking Sketch #4

Hi Everyone,  We are so excited to be already on our 4th sketch – This has been alot of fun and I’m so glad that Wendy twisted my arm and made me start this.   So a few updates – First we wanted to make sure that everyone knew that these Sketches are not designed by […]

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