My 10×10 Travel Album

I’m excited to start sharing more of my Memory Keeping projects with you once again.

Every Tuesday, and Thursday I will share some of the memory keeping projects I’m working.

These will included different albums I’m working on, along with different types of layouts.

This week I’m going to jump in by sharing two of my 10×10 albums that I’m currently working on.

The first one is a travel album I have put together of the trips that my husband, and I have taken.

Confession time! I don’t love to travel. I’m a homebody, which is something I have felt guilt over until recently.

I have always felt like “I should want to travel”

It is the the thing you are “suppose” to want to do right!

Well, not really for me. I love being home, and struggle when traveling. Between headaches that are awful, really not sleeping well, and just missing home.

I would really rather stay home. However, the one except to this “maybe” is traveling with my husband.

My 10x10 Travel Album

We have been blessed enough to go on a few trips with Stampin’ Up, and then recently started going for just over night trips when we can.

We don’t live by family, or have the ability to have much help with the kids so it can be hard to make it happen.

But we have found that it has been a little slice of heave to get away from the kids, and the house every now and again.

My 10x10 Travel Album

I’ve been having fun documenting these trips using the Project Lie App, and getting thee pages printed 10×10 for a smaller album.

I will be sharing a brand new class with my Life Simple Documented Group using the updated 3.0 Project Life App and I will be sharing how I put these pages together from a recent over night trip to San Francisco.

My 10x10 Travel Album

I even enjoyed taking some photos at a local winery we went to on a day trip.

It is my favorite winery, and we go up once a every few months to have lunch and spend some time together.

My 10x10 Travel Album

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I’m looking forward to sharing more projects with you, and even getting back to my Simple Layered Pages that I enjoy doing.

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