Past December Daily Albums

Hello and Happy Memory Keeping Friday!

It seems like between the first of November, and the middle of January my memory keeping projects are in high gear.

Between the 30 Days Of Thankful Mini Album, Finishing Up One Little Word, Kicking off December Daily, and getting the Project Life Family Album set up for the new year It can become a little overwhelming in the memory keeping department.

However, I LOVE each of these projects so very much. They are some of my favorite projects that I look forward to all year long. 

Today I thought I would take you through a few of my past December Daily Albums and share with you some of the different ways I have put these together.

{Past December Daily Albums}

There is no right or wrong way to dive into this project. There are some years that I have followed Ali Edwards method of sharing one story every single day, there are other years that I have just done the project directly in my Project Life Album.

I try not to get hung up on what the “correct” process is or is not, and focus on how I am feeling as I approach the holiday season.

Here are a few of my past project albums that I thought I would share with you. Each of these I did things a little different.

This first album is the very first one I put together and it is back when I used to do very traditional scrapbook pages, even using my die cutting machine. The outside of the album is just a piece of scrapbooking paper I placed on top of the album.

Here are a few of the layouts inside the album.

I miss doing these kinds of pages, they were so much fun.

In this 12×12 Album I had some space left in the back and so one year I decided to do all of my pages in the Project Life App. Doing the pages in the project life app each day made it easy to get all the documenting done by start of the new year.

Another year I decided to do an “overview” of the year in a small 6×8 album. I love the way the outside of the album came out.

I didn’t do very much documenting that year, I didn’t even ever get around to doing any of the journaling. However I adore the photos in this album because I got a lot of photos of my grandma cooking, and her recipes. This was 2 years before she passed away.

Another year I decided to do the documenting directly in my Project Album. This was both a challenge, and exciting. It was a little bit harder to figure out to tell those daily stories in such a big space, but made the last half of my Project Life very interesting.

In 2017 I decided to do another 6×8 album and to follow Ali Edward’s method by documenting one story a day, and working on the album each day through out the month. It definitely got more difficult as the month went on, but the album really did come out beautiful.

I love having these smaller, separate December type albums because they now get set out each December as part of my Christmas Decor.

The best part of project album that you do is of course getting to enjoy the beauty of it all when it is done.

This year my plan is to follow Ali Edwards Method once again and share one story a day. I will be using a 6×8 album from Stampin’ Up and I am hoping to not get to carried away with all the stories so that they will all fit into the smaller album.

Here are some of the products I will be using from Stampin’ Up, you can purchase any of them directly from me in my online store HERE, or by clicking on the photos below!

I also have a few supplies from other place that are listed below.

I would love to know if you are going to dive in a do some kind of documenting for December. Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to sharing more of this project with you.

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