My Favorite Things – Andrew Michael

Yes. I would have to say that this little boy is one of my favorite things! It is always mind blowing to me how fast time seems to fly when it comes to my children growing up.

In recent months I have really began to understand that old saying, “The days are long, and the years are short”

“Andrew Michael Baby Face”, “Little Man” or “Fat Boy Slim” as he is referred to in our home turned 6 years old on October 15th.

Simply WOW!!!!!!!! This little boy really does have my heart. 

Honest confession here … this mama is not great at Birthdays. In our home Birthdays start in September.

  • Esaus Birthday – September 24th – We will leave the year off here … just know he is an old man!!!!! LOL
  • October 15th 2011 – Andrew Michael
  • November 2nd 2009 – Violet Victoria
  • Then we have Christmas
  • January 14th 2008 – Kayla Faith

With so many birthdays, and holidays back to back I just have never been great at doing that whole birthday scene. We don’t have big birthday party, we don’t celebrate the birth of a children for entire week, sometimes I forget to get the cake or cupcakes.

I promise you I make up for it in other ways, and they always have birthday gifts on their birthday!!!!

Honestly all of my children are my favorite in some way or another. Kayla was our first, and I have many fond memories of when it was just her and I.

Violet is my mini me! She acts just like me, and drives me crazy sometimes! But her blue eyes melt my heart!

Andrew was my last baby, so of course he is my baby boy! There is just something having a little boy that is so incredibly special.

After I had Andrew I experienced almost 2 years of severe depression. Kayla was 4 and Violet was 2, and for the most part they really had each other. Kayla and Violet have always been super close.

During the first 2 years of Andrew’s life we were stuck together! I will forever be thankful for his smiles and giggles!!! They got me through many many long hard days.

I find myself a little sad that he is getting bigger, as I do with all my children.

How in the world do I have a 10 year old, a 8 year old and a 6 year old? I will never understand how this has happened LOL!!

As they grow, and change, moving from one season of life to another there is always more to worry about, more be thankful for, and more to learn how to handle.

But as each year passes I can’t help but realize how blessed I really am to have 3 beautiful children, one incredible husband whom I never give enough credit to! My cup really does run over!

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