Having Fun With Bullet Journaling

I’ve always loved the idea of a planner. Using a planner, having a planner, the whole thing just makes me giddy. I can remember being 8 or 9 years old and get this kind of planner thing that snapped together.

I wanted to use that thing so badly, but I was 8 or 9 … not really much to plan in my life at the time. 

For years now I have been using my Erin Condren Planner, and I love it. I couldn’t keep everything straight in my life without it!

As I have gotten into using a planner more, I have also enjoyed watching videos, reading blog posts about different planners, and different kind of planning styles. It has helped me over the years find systems that work for me.

I have always been “interested” in Bullet Journals, However, I felt like they were just too much, too overwhelming, and really not something I need to dive into!

Having Fun With Bullet Journaling

I think I always knew that if let myself explore the idea of a Bullet Journal I would fall in love, and really wanted to do it.

A few weeks ago Jen over a at Pretty Neat Living shared some Bullet Journal Inspiration, and it pushed me over the edge. Check out her video HERE.

I’ve also found found a ton of information, and inspiration from Boho Berry. Check out her blog HERE, and her Youtube Channel HERE!

{Having Fun With Bullet Journaling}

I thought I would share with you a few photos from my journal. This is not something that I will be sharing on a regular basis since it is extremely personal.

It is also a project that I’m doing more as away to organize my thoughts, and feelings. It is not a hobby I’m planning on diving into really deep. I want to keep this project simple.

I wanted to make sure to share with you all the products I have been using. There are links below where you can purchase them. Please note that I’ve used affiliate links when possible.

I appreciate it so very much when you purchase items using affiliate links I provide. Your support means so much to me! Thank you!!!!

Supplies I Have Used:

  • Midori A5 Notebook – This note book is AMAZING. I am going to start using this notebook for my normal everyday note taking as well.
  • Sharpie Art Pens – I got the 16 count, but I wish I had gotten the 24 count. These are amazing for this type of journaling.
  • Sharpie Pens – These are pens I had on hand. I love them as well. They work great for journaling.
  • Pilot Precise V7 RT Pen – This has become my new favorite pen. I’ve even been using this in my Erin Condren Journal.
  • Uni Ball Air Pen – This is a pen I have tried while searching for a new planner pen. This is one of the pens I have liked using.
  • Stampin’ Up Paper Snips – I keep a set of these with my journaling items to use on Washi Tape.
  • Mini Ruler – This comes in handy. I use either my Erin Condren clear ruler, or this mini metal ruler.
  •  Mini Letter Stickers – These are amazing. I don’t have the ability to do all the fancy arts stuff. (people this is why I stamp!!!) so using these letter stickers takes all the stress out of this project.
  • Modern Bethel Travel Pouch Set of 5 – I have several little zip pouches that I just pulled out of my stash to use, however, if you are looking for something to use I recommend this set on Amazon.

I was thankful that I had most of these items on hand. I only had to purchase the notebook. Once I decided I was going to enjoy it I purchased the Sharpie Pens.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my Bullet Journal this week. It really is something I have been enjoying. It has been nice to sit at night while watching a movie, and doodling in this journal.

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  1. Penny Robinson July 9, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    Keep it up. Bullet journaling has worked wonders in my life . Biggest challenge for me. It is not perfect and I am not an artist. 1. It doesn’t need to, it needs to be functional and used. 2. It doesn’t need to be beautifully artistic, there is elegance in simple.

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