12 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Do With Your Kids!

I am sad to say this is my last Christmas Project I will be posting this year! This is one of my favorite things we have done this season.

DIY Christmas Ornaments can be really simple and its a great activity to do with you kids if you are stuck in the house because of the weather!

One my favorite things about this project is being able to hang up different ornaments the kids have made, and remember the fun times we had creating them. 

You will want to make sure to check out the bottom of this post because you will find 11 other simple ideas for DIY Christmas Ornaments! You can also check out the Cinnamon Pinecone Ornaments Kayla I created for her classmates HERE!

{DIY Christmas Ornaments}

I created 4 of these using a few different Designer Paper from the Holiday Catalog. I loved the one with the smaller strips of Designer Paper. For that one I used the Home For The Holiday Designer Paper.

If you are interested in any of the products from the Holiday Catalog make sure you check out the End Of The Year Clearance Sale! You can click HERE to see everything that is one sale!


This week will be the last week my kids are in school before winter brake starts so I am trying to get all of my Christmas projects finished up and gifts wrapped. Once they are out of school I know for sure that I won’t be getting anything done!

I had a few little gifts I needed to get put together for friends around town. This year I’m doing gifts for the Post Office Lady  that is always so kind, my UPS delivery guy as well as the gal at the bank and all the office aids at the girl’s school.

Here is one of the ways a packaged up a simple gift! Remember you don’t have to spend a ton of money or make every gift a big production. Simple and Easy gifts like this mean a great deal to people during this time of year.


I picked up this Hot Chocolate from Amazon HERE! These are really yummy favored Hot Chocolate packs! Not only are the a little bit prettier than the standard hot chocolate mix they so yummy!


You can pick up any of the Stampin’ Up Products I used in my online store HERE or by clicking on the photos below. I appreciate your support of my business and will always send you handmade card you can reuse!

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Of course I wanted to share with you some other really cute ideas you can do with your kids. Here are 11 other DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas! Leave me a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

{11 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas}

12 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments To Do With Your Kids!

Pinterest is full of these DIY Christmas Ornament ideas. I had so much fun looking through all the different ones other people have put together. I picked out my favorites to share here with you.

  1. Clay Circle Hearts – I’m planning on doing this with the kids! I have some clay left over from Stampin’ Up from a few catalogs ago. I thought it would be a great way to use it up!!! Check out how to create thee HERE!
  2. Button Christmas Tree – I would have done this with the kids if I would have had enough green buttons. Of course it might be fun to make these with all different color buttons! Check out how to create these HERE.
  3. Wine Cork Reindeer – These would be easy to create and I think I will make them next year with the kids. I will need to start saving those corks now to have enough for all 3 kids to make one. Check out how to create HERE.
  4. Peppermint Ornaments – Anything peppermint or red and white screams Christmas! I love these Peppermint Ornaments. Not only re they easy but your house will smell like Peppermint! Check out how to create these HERE.
  5. Scrabble pieces names – These are super cute and would be fun to create for a friend that is into this game! Check out how to create these HERE.
  6. Clothes Pin Reindeer – These are more 3D than I realized when I first found them and a little more complicated than I would take on with all 3 of my kids. However these are still really cute. You can check out how to create these HERE
  7. Christmas Wish Lists – These would be fun. It would be a fun memory to look back on what your kids wanted for Christmas that year. You can check out here to create these HERE.
  8. Snowman Bottle Caps – I would have done these with the kids if I had enough Bottle caps. I think these are another item I will be saving this year so that I can create these with the kids next year. Check out to how to create these HERE.
  9. OPPS – I have this craft listed twice! Sorry about that. You can see the link to create the craft stick snowman below!

These last two are the ones I wanted to create with the kids over the weekend. We ran out of time this weekend so we were not able to do them. I’m hoping next weekend we can start off Christmas brake with a Gingerbread house and these cute ornaments!


Wooden Sleds: Make sure to get both large and mini craft sticks for this project. You can see how to create these HERE!

Snowman Craft Stick: These are going to be the best because I have a ton of buttons and ribbon already laying around my craft room. You can check out how to create these HERE

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season. I will be back on Wednesday and we are going to dive into the Occasions Catalog & Sale-A-Brations Catalog!


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