7 Amazing end of the school year treats


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I can’t believe that its the end of the school year already! As many of you might know this is our first year in public school. The first year Kayla was official in school we homeschooled. And yes I would still love to be homeschooling.
What I realized was with 3 kids and a full time business I’m not cut out to be a homeschooling Mom!

However I still love being involved in the all things that go on at school. I wasn’t able to be as involved as I would have liked to me this year with 2 little ones still at home, but next year all 3 of them will be in school and I’m going to be spending many hours at the school.

I’ve enjoyed creating treats for Kayla’s class room all year long and wanted to come up with something really cute for a little end of the year treat.

{End of the Year Treat Bags}

Here is how my cute little treat bags came out.  I was excited to be able to get my Cricut out for this little craft! It is always have so much fun using my Cricut and whenever I use it makes miss creating Traditional Scrapbooking pages like I use to.

For the treat bags I used the Cricut Cartridge “Simply Charmed



One of the things that I’ve started doing is picking up items that will easily go into treat bags, or boxes and building up stash that I can have on hand.

During the Holiday {and I mean all Holiday’s: St Patrick Days, Valentine’s Day, Easter/Spring, etc} the dollar store always has decorative pencils. So instead of just picking up enough for the treats I’m working with I pick an extra 3 or 4 packs and stash them away.

Target has a great $1 – $3 area right in the front of the store that I love digging through and finding item that will work easily for treat bags.

These are really creative and super simple ideas that you can do for the for end of the school year treats.

1. Have a KOOL Summer by: The Crafted Sparrow
These are so cute! All you need is Kool-Aid which is about 10 cents a bag these day and  fun straw which can be picked up at the dollar store or Walmart.

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2. These end of the year Buckets of Fun by “Lessons with Laughter” Now you could crazy with these buckets and fill them 100s of different things. {Sometimes I get an idea and I take it a little too far!!!}
However don’t be afraid to keep it simple! Remember especial with grade school kids they lose interest very quickly!

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3. These are MY FAVORITE and I wish I had seen these a few weeks ago because this is what I would have done! And believe me I will be doing this next year when school ends! {Yes.. I’ve already wrote down in my planner for next to create these}
You can find these cute printable/editable labels at “School is a Happy Place“!

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4. I just love any craft that is put together that is fun like this one.  This little treat bag with the play on words just makes me want to create it! You can find this treat HERE

Anything that has Rainbows and Gumboil is a total win when it comes to kids. Those two things scream childhood! Why not put them together!

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5. This is another great idea that wouldn’t brake the bank. You can find the printable tags HERE the site does charge for these tags but you get 12 different tags. I believe it is worth the money to spend on the tags because the items you are putting in the bag are not going to cost you all that much.

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6. I love putting together treats that have Starburst in them. In every treat bag I’ve ever put together I’ve included Starburst because they are one of my favorite candies! I love this idea for 2 reason.
1. You only have to purchase one kind of candy
2. The star at the bottom. You know how much I love stars so I think would be alot of fun to make.

You can find the details on this craft HERE. This website even includes a link where you can download and print out the tag which will save you a little bit of time if you decide to make this!

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7. My kids are obsessed with balloons so right away I look at this I think its a complete win!! You can get balloons very cheap! So this end of the year gift is going to help you pinch those pennies as well.

And the great thing about balloons is they are already colorful so half the job is done for you. You can fin the details on this craft HERE and again this website will provide you will the FREE printable label.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing this list that I put together for. For the treat bags that I put together along with my Cricut there are a few Stampin’ Up Supplies that I used and I wanted to make sure I shared them with you. Here are all the items you can purchase through me.

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