Project Life: Kids Album!

 Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I do for the kids albums!
I’m always asked “How I keep Up with 4 Albums each year” This is a little bit about how I do that.


I do enjoying to a Family Album each year along with a album for each kids.
I do not find it stressful to do this at all. Here are some of my tips for taking on so many albums.


Kayla’s album seems like it has more done it because it is the last two years, where Violet had a Mini Album last year, and this year Andrew’s Album is a Mini Album.


I love using the Project Life Mini album! Last year I used that album for Violet because I was
feeling overwhelmed with Andrew’s 1st year Album
This year Andrew’s Album is a Mini Album because I always use a smaller album for my children’s 2nd year!




I try really hard to make sure I included Art work and school work in each of the albums. The Mini Albums don’t really allow me to add “Extra” and that is why I only use it for the 2nd Year.
You can always scan art down, but right now I don’t mess with that.


Violet’s Album is just starting out, I’m find that I can get about 2 years into one album when I do a 1 or 2 pages per month.

I do not document their life’s weekly in these albums, I do it monthly.



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