Crops of Fun!

Hi Everyone,
 I just wanted to post a quick update!
 First I wanted to wish Wendy lost of luck today … she is running in her first race! I hope she has an amazing time!
 Then I wanted to let everyone know that we have been hard at work updating our blog.
 If you will notice there is a link on the side of our page – above our button that says Everything Cricut  I’ve been wanting to redo all of our cricut information for awhile and finally found a better way to display it.
 So check it out! Here is where you will find ANYTHTING & EVERYTHING cricut related.
 No worries we will still be post all of our stuff here, its just the place where we will store all that information.
 Also in ways of our blog I just got my Flip Video Camera and my Tripod this last week so we will be adding more Videos to our blog! Yea
 And last but not least I had a wonderful time at the crops last night!
 Early this week I had got a couple of shirts from a friend as a gift and they were scrapbooking related. They had some scrapbooking Logos on them and so I got to wear my new shirt and I had a wonderful time.
 I was not as prepared as I should have been. I ended up not bring any pictures or plain paper. So I had a hard time being able to really get anything done.
 I can’t wait to go to the next one and meet more people to scrapbook with!

Thanks everyone,

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