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Violet’s Scrapbook

Hi Everyone,  I just throught I would share another Scrapbook with you! I’ve been so busy the last few week and then over the weekend our family went out of town for a few days to visit family and then my husband has a long haul for work so its going to be crazy around […]

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A few new layouts….

Hello Everyone,  Here are a few new layouts for Violet’s Album! Its the only thing from last year I’m working on!  These still need titles and journaling! This Layout still needs ALOT of work! I need to cut some shoes out on my cricut and do my Title “It all starts with shoes!” and then […]

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More of Violet …

Happy Monday Everyone,  Here are the last of my “Older” layouts from Violet’s 1st year album. The rest of the pages I will be showing you will all be from the last 2 month of her first year and all stuff that I’m currently working on. Finally!  I can’t wait for this album to be […]

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Violet’s First Year Album….

Hey Everyone,  I’m sort of vacation from the blog but I wanted to share with you some of Violets Layout for her first year album!  Some of these you might have already seen! I’ve been trying to work hard on Violets album to get it finished. I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the […]

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CCA – Part 8 “Our Favorite Cartridge”

Hi Everyone,  Well our Sunday Seires “Cricut Cartridge Adventures” has come to an end. This will be our last video for that.  We hope that you have had as much fun taking a look at all the different Cricut Cartridges as we have. Our next Series will be our Calendar Series.  If you have been following our blog […]

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Violet’s Scrapbooking

Hey Everyone,  I was so glad to get home from Chistmas Vacation and start doing some scrapbooking layouts!  Each year I have a family album that goes from Jan – Dec. Depending  on what else is going on I have other albums going at the same time. Last year I had my youngest daughters album that […]

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Violet’s 1st Year Scrapbooking Project

Hi Everyone,  Life is always changing … You know your household is always changing, growing! Your either adding to your family, or they are moving away. Your decorating, painting and adding a chair here, changing the placemats over there.  That is much like scrapbooking. We start out one way and then there is a new […]

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