Hi Everyone,  Wendy and I thought it would be fun to do a bunch of Video’s this week. Here is our Technique Tuesday Video, come back on Thursday and see Wendy’s Organization Thursday Video!  Friday there will be a special video with a very speical announcement and addition to our blog.  And then finally on […]

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Paper Bag Album

Hi Everyone, I made these paper album kit’s for a store that I am selling some of my products at!  The Hole Affair in Jackson CA has a bunch of my stuff there.  Anyway, I had a blast making these and they were sold quickly…within 3 days.  So I made 3 more!  Check out the […]

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hi Everyone,   Anyone ever wonder why people say that … or that song says that because it really isn’t the truth. There is nothing easy about Sunday Mornings.  This morning was a perfect example. In our house on Sundays Mornings we up at 6:30 so that we can get ready for church and be […]

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I keep waiting….

Hey everyone,  So here is the deal I keep waiting to be BLOWN away with this new imagine machine … but the truth is I’m not. I mean I’m really not seeing the need for this machine.  And I would love to…. I would love to find a reasone to add another toy to my […]

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Crops of Fun!

Hi Everyone,  I just wanted to post a quick update!  First I wanted to wish Wendy lost of luck today … she is running in her first race! I hope she has an amazing time!  Then I wanted to let everyone know that we have been hard at work updating our blog.  If you will […]

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My First Crop

Happy Friday Everyone,  I’m so excited today … I get to attend my first crop today!  Six years when I started scrapbooking I lived with Wendy and neither one of us had very much scrap stuff.  We would get our stuff out and sit at the coffee table in our living room and scrapbook.  I […]

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Our 11th Sketch

Happy Tuesday Everyone,  Here is our 11th sketch! This sketch was a lot of fun! It was one of the harder ones that I have done.  Here is a reminder of what we were working with:  I have to say that I love love love love the way Wendy’s sketch came out! My sketch is so […]

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Adventures in Scrapbooking.

Happy Monday Morning Everyone,  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I got to do a little bit of scrapbooking. I even got to put together some cards for a class I’m thinking about trying to do. I didn’t design them. I’m just not good at cards yet.  Wendy has put together some awesome cards […]

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