Decorating for Christmas

So I thought about it and thought about it … do I change up my blog for Christmas or don’t I…. Everyone out there who blogs knows it can be sort of pain to do major background changes to your blog … Then I realized, I love Christmas WAY too much to not change up […]

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Welcome Baby Andrew….

HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!  I wanted to do a short post to day to let everyone know that I had the baby!  On Saturday morning I started having contractions around 7am, I had gone to the hospital on Wednesday thinking it was “time” and I was already dilated to 5 but they didn’t keep, so I was […]

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An Easter Layout

Hi Everyone,  I know what you are thinking … Easter really? Its the middle of October! Bare with me people!  I really love this layout, it came out so cute and I’m at the end my pictures to scrapbook and I’m getting ready send away to get all my Summer pictures and start on them! […]

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Holidays I don’t do…

Hey Everyone,  I know you have seen ALOT of posts this last month of normal everyday layouts, and I thought I should just mention that I don’t do Halloween, our family doesn’t celebrate it in any way, we don’t even acknowledge that its a “Holiday” its just a pesonal choice that we have made! So […]

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More Disneyland Layouts

Hey Everyone,  Wendy came over last Sunday and we did some scrapbooking, its the first time that she and I have been able to get together since I got moved down here.  She sat and cut TONS of stuff for her Disney Albums!!!! I couldn’t believe how much she has cut out. She has been […]

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An Owl Layout

How many people are tired of seeing my layouts? LOL that is all I’ve been posting these days…. no worries  I will be posting other stuff soon 🙂 Here is an owl layout that I recently did and at the end of the video I show you a neat tip when using your Lite Cartridges […]

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Baby Update!

Hi Everyone,  I just thought I would stop by and give you guys an update, I still haven’t had the baby! I think (I hope) in the next few days we will get this over with!!!!!!!!!! I’m feeling pretty much done!  I have a Doctor’s Apt tomorrow and then we will know how close we […]

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Disneyland Layouts

Hey Everyone,  This is turning into Thursday’s with Wendy!  She recently took off to Disneyland with her family (Disneyland is Wendy’s favorite place on earth and if she could just move there I’m sure she would!)  She went with her husband and daughter and then also her In-laws and her Sister-In-Law and her family!  For […]

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A Paper Update

Hi Everyone,  Its getting to be that time of the year where I start thinking about buying paper. Why around this time of year you ask…. well lots of new paper come out for the fall, there is new Christmas paper that hits stores and then we have black Friday coming up. Last year for Black Friday […]

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Cards from this last year …

Happy Monday Everyone,  Last week I shared how much I really disliking making cards … lol and I was backing up my computer and come across a bunch of pictures of Card that Wendy and I have made this last year so I  threw together a video of them all. (and I’m sure the best […]

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