Andrew’s Scrapbooking Layouts

Hi Everyone,  This is going to start our PMP’s for this Month, my goal was to share with you guys some “themed” type Layouts that you could easily recreate and this has kind of turned into just want I’m working on at the time, right now it happens to be Andrew’s 1st Year Album.  I […]

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Violet’s Scrapbook

Hi Everyone,  I just throught I would share another Scrapbook with you! I’ve been so busy the last few week and then over the weekend our family went out of town for a few days to visit family and then my husband has a long haul for work so its going to be crazy around […]

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Stampin’ Up Haul!

Hi Everyone,  I haven’t really done any kind of Haul in along time and I wanted to share with you guys my BIG Stampin’ Up Haul!  I’ve been planning and waiting, and waiting to put in a BIG Stampin’ Up order, the main reason I wanted to wait was because I wanted to take part […]

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V-Day Goodie Bags

Happy Valentine’s Day To Everyone,   I hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with love. I shot a video of these goodie bags I made, but I don’t know what happened to it… so you will just have to see a picture!  I used Mini Monogram and did the scalloped circle at 3 inches and then I stamped on […]

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My Valentine’s Projects

Happy almost Friday everyone, (ha ha ha ha)  This post was going to be all about my Valentine’s Projects!!!!! Now your are wondeing why its not going to be …well let me tell you!  I went out last Tuesday to get all the stuff I need and I went to Michaels which HAS NOTHING…. no […]

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