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Wendy’s Crop-tacular

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note before we get into it this morning – Wendy got a a CUTTLEBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its the Blue and White Cuttlebug that matches the Winter Special Cricut. It came with a trimmer and some other goodies!   Thanks Tina!  She embossed an Ice cream cone that turned out so cute last night. I […]

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Hello Everyone,  We have had a busy week this week! Lots of posts and lots of fun.  I realized that I’ve never posted my mini album that I did for my friend so here it is. Let me just start by say I hate taking pictures of stuff sometimes, I mean most of the time […]

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A fun scrapbooking tool!

 Morning everyone,  I thought I would post a product review this morning since this week has been full of new product releases. Starting with Hello Thursday and new Cartridges and then I just saw that Roybn over at My Pink Stamper has new stamps out! They are super cute.  I would love to have all of […]

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White Paper = Perfection!

Hi Everyone, I have a great tip that I saw on another blog a long time ago.  I shared it with Tina today and of course we couldn’t remember where the tip came from becasue we both look at so many blogs.  Anyway, I told Tina about it and she said I had to share. […]

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Disney Days

Hi Everyone, In July Macie and I went to Disneyland with my Mother in Law, Sister in Laws and her cousin Sadie!  We had a blast!  We spent two days there.  We went to California Adventure on our first day and Disneyland the next day.  The girls had the best time.  We thought we wouldn’t […]

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Why Does This Happen To Us?

Hey Everyone,  So last week I was busy working on a mini album that I did and I was so in the mode and scrapbooking away.  Wendy on the other hand was busy with other stuff and we really didn’t get to work on anything over skype.  Then the following week Wendy has been working […]

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Check out this ….

Hi everyone,  I’ve just been hanging out at home today looking around at blogs and I found this!  Go enter for a great chance to win some paper. A 1000 Pieces of Paper Give Away If I win anything I’m planning on splitting it with Wendy since we had to post it on our blog […]

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Wendy’s Recent Project!

Hi Everyone,  Here is a late morning post! Sorry I’ve been on a mad dash to get the house cleaned up.  These are few recent premade Layouts From Wendy.  Tomorrow I’m going to have all my August Chaellenge Layouts posted. There will 10 of them. I’m so excited to finally be able to post theses. […]

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Cherry Exciting!

Good Morning Everyone!  Is it a Happy Monday for you? For us its a Very Exciting Monday!  I was getting on our blog last night to post a update for this morning and I saw that someone had left us this:  So here is how it goes:  Here’s the rules for accepting this award: 1. […]

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