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Organization Tip Thursday!

Hi Everyone,  Here is a little Organizational Tip/Product Information!  This is a few pictures of where I keep my paper. These bins are only $3.00 at Walmart right now and they are in tons of different colors. I started buying these about 3 years ago and they were $5.00 and only came in black and then one […]

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“Cricut Box”

Hi Everyone,  Quick Story!  I’m sitting the living room at home and my 2 1/2 year old daughter comes running in the house and is saying: “Cricut Box, Cricut Box”  I say to her “Cricut Box?”  She then pulls me outside to show me “Cricut Box”  When I get outside she is pointing the Mail […]

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Scrapbooking Sketch#10

Hi Everyone,  Here is our 10th sketch. I’m not sure when Wendy is going to be able to get hers done she is very busy these days, but we will try and get something of hers posted soon.  I’m hoping to be able to skype with her a little bit tonight.  Here it is This […]

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Grab your Coffee and Lets Talk!

Good Morning Everyone,  Well its I am and I’ve been in my room now for 12 hours! I’ve taken a few brakes here and there but for the most part I’ve been crazy scrappin’  So I did 3 double sided layouts and 3 cards! I’m starting to feel like maybe I can get everything under control! […]

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Not finished yet!

Hi Everyone,  Well I started at 1 this afternoon and I’ve been going strong every since!  Of course I had to stop a few times here and there for the kids, dinner and my nightly walk!  So far today I have got 2 double sided Layouts done andd 2 cards.  I just cleaned up the […]

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Monday’s Projects!

Hi Everyone,  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m so excited about this week starting. I should have my new pictures sometime next week so this week I’m going to work hard on getting to a point with all my “projects” were I feel things are back to manageable! Wish me luck with that. […]

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I’m missing Wendy

Hi Everyone,  Just a quick note today!  I am missing Wendy…. she has been very busy the past few weeks and with my internet going down last week we haven’t not been doing much together! Of course we have talked (we talk 90 times a day about everything and about nothing!)  She just hasn’t had […]

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Gifts & Organization

Hi Everyone,  So I know I posted a Card and a Covered Cricut Box a little bit ago, but here is another. It seems like is one of my favorite new things to do. I have covered cricut boxes for EVERYTHING! This is a Birthday Card and a Box for a Birthday. However I’ve covered […]

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