Finding Ways To Use Gold In A Color Combo

Today I am sharing another Simple Card With a Fun Technique.

This is Week #12 of our series, and today we will be focusing on a color combo that features gold. 

Whenever I come across a color combo that had gold or silver I tend to struggle a little with incorporating that into my design.

{Finding Ways To Use Gold In A Color Combo}

Let me start by first sharing with you the photo that I’m pulling these colors from.

I found this photo on Pinterest by simply searching “Home Decor Color Combo’s” 

Whenever I’m searching for a color combo I like seeing them reflected in nature, or home decor because it helps me to see how the colors really go together.

I couldn’t wait to use the Modern Heart Stamp Set, and it worked out perfect for the color combo card.
At first I was a little sad that the colors tended to fade a little bit as the color settled into the paper, however after looking at it again I realize it looks even more like the color combo photo.

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I have to admit that I didn’t love the way this card turned out once I was finished with it. I even felt a little disappointed.
However, after stepping away from the card for a little bit, and then coming back and looking at it I have found that I really do like the way it turned out.
It is different than most of my cards, with many more layer, however it is always good to create something a little bit out of your comforter zone.

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