Simply Documented – Week# 4 Embellishing & Journaling!

Welcome back to the Simply Documented Project Life Class! This week are going to be talking about embellishments, and journaling.

As I began filming for you this week what I realized is that I should have broke up these two topics into two different weeks.

These two topics are very different, but I have found that I do these things together. It is kind of like peanut butter and jelly! They go together perfectly. 

As I’m walking through the process you will find me talking about both subjects intertwined.

We will go ahead and get started with embellishments, what works for me, and why it works for me. Remember that out of everything we have talked about in this class embellishments, and journaling will be the most personal topics.

{Week #4 Welcome Video & Introduction To Embellishments}

{Looking At Embellishments}

I wanted to take a moment to share with you what my embellishment look like, and what I tend to purchase. These are the things I’m drawn to, and the things that I have found work for me in my albums.

{My Favorite Embellishments}

I have 3 places that I purchase items for my Project Life Albums the most. I thought I would list some of favorite items here:

  • Small Heart Stickers – These little stickers are cute, and perfect for my style of embellishing.
  • Alpha Stickers – Ali Edwards has the best Alpha Stickers! These are the perfect size, and she has several different colors.
  • Phrase Stickers – I use Phrase stickers more than anything else.
  • Enamel Shapes / Dots – Right now Stampin’ UP! has some really great enamel dots. These are easy to use on your Project Life layouts.
  • Glimmer Enamel Shapes / Dots – Another set of enamel dots that I have stocked up on.
  • Wood Elements – You will also find that these are called “Wood Veneers” and can be found every where these days. These are hands down one of my favorite items to add to my album.
  • Rhinestones – I stick to clear rhinestones, but these can be found in every color.
  • Photo Overlays – This is a product that I’m getting more into these days. I’ve been getting mine from Becky Higgins.
  • Chipboard Stickers – All of my chipboard has come from Ali Edwards but you can find these in lots different places.

{Other Places To Look For Great Embellishments}

  • Freckled Fawn – I LOVE this place! The items you can find here are for sure my style.
  • Studio Calico – I love picking stuff up from Studio Calico, and I always try and wait until it on sale.

Don’t over think the “extras” you are adding to your album. If you love using hearts, use them! If you want stars on every page, do it!

Keep it simple, and remember that the goal is to get photos in albums, and to enjoy the process. Feeling stressed out over any part of putting together an album full of memories is simply not worth it.

{Over View Of January’s Pages}

I wanted to take a few minutes and give you an overview of the way January ended up turning out. This will help me get a feel for what I want to use to do any embellishing, and it will also help me figure out if there are any items I need to wrap up, such as photos needed, or insert that needed to be added.

There ended up being a total 2 photos I need to go back get printed. I have currently already uploaded those to get printed, and I have the photos for my title page getting printed as well.

It always feels so great when I can wrap up a month and move on to the next one.

{Embellishing January}

I did two videos for you this week showing you how I embellish my pages. The first week is Weeks 1 & 2 of January, and the second video is weeks 3 & 4 of January.

Week 1 & 2

Week 3 & 4

Here is the way the pages look after I’ve added all my embellishments, and before I’ve done all my journaling.

Week #1

Week #2 

Week #3

Week #3 – Insert

Week #4 

I love the way that January came out, and I’m now looking forward to moving on to February. 

{Let’s Talk About Journaling}

I plan on taking a few minutes tonight to finish up all my journaling for January.

I’m the kind of person who can sit on the couch while bing watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and bust out journaling for entire month, or even wrap up the journaling for the kids album.

You may need to take some time when it is quite, and peaceful to tackle journaling.

Remember there is NO right way, or wrong way in doing this. It really comes down to how you FEEL about getting each aspect of this album done.

{Journaling Inspiration

I had to include this bit of inspiration from Ali Edwards on adding journaling directly on your photos. I love how her pages came out for her week 3 of 2018

Check out here process video HERE!

Ali is one of my favorite people to watch when it comes to process videos because she gives you permission for this to not be perfect, and to have fun! I love that.

Examples Of Typed Journaling:

All of these examples of journaling that is typed up can be found HERE with links to those who posted these.

There are several ways you can add typed journaling to your pages. Here are some tutorials that I love that will walk you through doing this.

Examples Of Hand Written Journaling:






I tend to like both ways of journaling. If I had more time I would always type up all my journaling. I feel more confident in the story I’m telling when I’m typing it up.

However, over the last few years I have found that I just don’t have the time to go through all it takes to adding typed journaling.

I just want to get it DONE.

This means that all my journaling ends up being my handwriting. Sometimes my handwriting is really great and I love it. Other times I hate the way it looks in my album.

In those moments I choose to just move on! Done is better than perfect.

{Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font}

Yes this is totally a real thing!!! I’ve been wanting to do it for years!!!

You can click HERE to check out all the details!

{Week Final Thoughts} 

I keep coming back the same thought through out this class… finding a system that works for you is KEY to feeling good about this project.

I want you to spend some time this week putting together some Project Life Layouts. I would love for you share these layouts in our Facebook Group HERE.

  • Maybe take some time to explore a different layout
  • Take some time to set up some foundation pages.
  • Go through your supplies and purge what doesn’t speak to you.

Those are just a few ideas that you can dive into this weekend to start feeling inspired with your album, and your layouts.

Most of all remember that this project is fun!!!!


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