Simply Documented – Week #2

Welcome to week #2 of Simply Documented! This week we are going to be cover some of the basic concepts I follow on my journey to Documented our everyday moments.

I will also be sharing my goals, and plans for 2018. 

I’d like to start out the week with a welcome video for you. I will go over what we will be tackling this week, and I hope that this helps pull together the content for the week.

{Simply Documented – Week #2}

It is my desire to help you dive into your Memory Keeping Projects, and help you find ways to make this process of memory keeping easier.

{My Goals & Plans For 2018}

My plan from year to year remains pretty much the same! The goal is always to get my photos printed, in albums, with some journaling.

I always feel like anything above that is icing on the cake.

Below is a list of projects that I talked about in the video above, along with links to blog posts where I’ve talked about these projects, or links to the project itself.

Albums I will be working on: 

  • Family Album – This will be the same has I have done in years past. 2 aqua albums for the entire year, weekly layouts, inserts when needed.
  • One album for each child, 3 all together – Each child will have 1 layout per month. I want to tackle their albums this year and get them set up by volume.
  • One Little Word – This is a mini 6×8 Album I will work on all year long. Project by Ali Edwards
  • Fit – Another mini album I am working on all year long. Project by Cathy Z

Projects or Mini Albums I will tackle this year: 

  • Week In The Life – This I will do at least one time during the year, maybe even twice. I follow Ali Edwards for this project.
  • Day In The Life – I will do 3 to 4 times this year. This is another Ali Edwards project.
  • December Daily – I’m 99% sure I will do another mini album, in the form of Daily December for the month of December.
  • Project 18 – This is a project I heard about at the beginning of January, I’m not sure if I’m going to dive into it or not. I’m following #ProjectEighteen on Instagram.

{Memory Keeping Plans From Others}

I encourage you to check out some of these links below to see how others are tackling Project Life. Remember there is NO RIGHT WAY or WRONG WAY.

Whatever you are doing, where ever you are at in the journey is enough, and you are doing a great job.

{Concept 1 – Project Life Cards & Designer Paper}

Things to remember: 

  • Use product you want use. There are no rules when it comes to what product works for you.
  • Take time to clean out your stash of items that you are no longer using.
  • Consider sticking to one or two brands of product so that you are not feeling overwhelmed.

I hope some of these tips have helped you look at your products differently.

{Concept 2 – Project Life Page Layout & Foundation Page}

I will first talk about my basic page layout, and where I place my photos. This page set works for me because I am documenting on a weekly basis, and I am using Design A as my main page protectors.

Here you can see what my basic page layout looks like.

I find setting up Foundation Pages makes me feel less stressed about “getting it all done.” If the idea of Foundation pages stresses you out, please know that you don’t have to set up Foundation pages.

Below I have linked a video for you of Ali Edwards talking about her December Daily Album, and how she has set up Foundation Pages. If using the concept of Foundation Pages is something you would like to consider you might want to check out her video below.

She is using a 6×8 which is smaller, and this is a mini album where she is focusing on idea or theme. However, I really love the approach Ali takes with her foundation pages.

{Ali Edwards Foundation Pages For December Daily}


{Concept 3 – Batch Processing Method}

This is one of my most loved processes, and the thing that really does allow me to keep up with all these crazy projects that I take on.

Items I batch process: 

  • Taking Photos
  • Uploading Photos or Printing photos
  • Foundation Pages
  • Dropping Photos
  • Journaling
  • Embellishing Pages

I can tackle any of these items in a 30 to 45 minute time span. This way I still feel like I’m getting something done, and moving towards my albums feeling complete.

{Concept 4 – Tools I Use}

Each of these items listed below are items that I use on a weekly basis to help aid me in my memory keeping efforts.

  • Project Life App – I use this every single week. The feature I use the most is being able to put more than one photo together on a 4×6 canvas.
  • Facebook – There are a million ways to utilize this in your Project Life Album. You can keep track of things, do screen shots from your phone, organize your photos, and thoughts.
  • Instagram – This is a great place to keep your photos, and story in order. You can create a private account, and only use to organize thoughts, and photos.
  • Day One App – One of the best Apps I have started using over the last few months.

If you are using something that is not listed please let us know by leaving a comment here, or over on the Facebook Group.

{Wrapping Up Week #2 – This weeks Homework}

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks content. I am hoping that this week the videos do not come across too disjointed.

This week we had a lot of different topics to cover, and there was a lot of information that I wanted to make sure I was getting out to you. If you have any questions, or need clarification about any of the topics I covered please feel free to leave a message on the Facebook Group, or contact me directly.

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