Oh My Heart All In One Project Life Mini Kit Review

When I was in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago I got the very best pillow gift from my friend Kristy, you can check out her business Facebook page HERE!

Kristy knows my love for Project Life, and got me this Oh My Heart All In One Project Life Kit.

The very best thing about this gift was the fact that Becky Higgins had just launched this project less than 5 days before our trip!

I thought I would share the kit with you, and a few thought I have about this product.

{Oh My Heart All In One Project Life Mini Kit Review}

Okay, Becky Higgins is simply brilliant!

This is a fantastic product idea, I love being able to get everything I need to put together an album all in one “kit”

You can also read about these kits HERE on Becky Higgins website.

Oh My Heart All In One Project Life Mini Kit Review

*Photo Credit – Becky Higgins – www.beckyhiggins.com


I think that the Project 52 Bloom kit would be perfect for the Week In The Life project that I love doing each year.

As this moment the Project 52 Bloom kit is not listed on Becky Higgins website. Both of these kits are exclusive to Hobby Lobby.

*Photo Credit – Becky Higgins – www.beckyhiggins.com


I have listed a few of my favorite products from Becky Higgins Website. These would be great products to pick up to start the new year with!

{Some Of My Favorite Products From Becky Higgins}

A quick note regarding my free shipping offer – I got my dates for Stampin’ UP! Flash sale mixed up. I thought Stampin’ UP! would be offering something on Friday, for Black Friday. I realized after my video went up yesterday that the offer was going to be for Monday.

Today I got an email from Stampin UP! letting me know they would be offering FREE SHIPPING on Monday!

You guys…. really, I’m so sorry for the confusion!

The good news is if you ordered from me already today I will honor the FREE SHIPPING! If you want to order on Monday you will get FREE shipping directly from Stampin’ UP! and you won’t have to worry about a refund from me!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this amazing new Project Life Kit! Let me know what you think of the brand new square corners that Becky Higgins will now begin doing.

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