How To Create Your Own Project Life Kit

Today I am diving into a project that I have been working on putting together for the last few weeks, and even though it is not completely finished I wanted to share it with you.

This is a mini album, and a DIY Project Life Kit that I’m creating for myself, and a friend. 

Over this year I have been making some changes in my overall health, and recently I decided to start focusing on my physical health which to be honest is just something that has been hard, and scary for me to deal with.

I’m so excited, and so very thankful for my friend Chris who is also diving in to focusing on her health. We decided to tackle this together.

I wanted us to have away to document our journey, because that is simply who I am! I love documenting.

{How To Create Your Own Project Life Kit}

Know that Chris didn’t have much experience in documenting everyday moments like this I wanted to make sure that it was not overwhelming for her. I did my best to put together and album, and a kit that would help her feel inspired.

How To Create Your Own Project Life Kit

This is the first page of the “re-start” of this journey from me. This photo is from early April, but I LOVE it.

Remember that photos tell more than one story! Don’t be afraid to use a photo in several different places.

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I am hoping to be back tomorrow with a card I’ve been wanting to create and share with you! If you don’t see me back here tomorrow, I will be back first thing Monday morning!

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  1. Chris Cowan September 7, 2017 at 2:15 pm #

    OMG- I am so excited to try this kit out and just do this. Thank you so very much for gathering the supplies for me, giving me a jump start on doing this Life Journey. I love the colors and how easy I think this can be.

    You are AMAZING!

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