Streamlining Scrapbooking Album

Streamlining Scrapbooking Album

One of the biggest projects I have been wanting to tackle now for a few years is getting my Scrapbooking Albums spines done.

This means getting labels the spine that indicate what is in each album. I’ve also know that I needed to get my kids albums organized to do this as well.

This summer I decided to dive in to this process, and get it done.

I’m so glad that I have put off this process for so long because I have a clear vision of how I want it done now. Sometimes having time to think about things, and go over things in your mind ends up being the best way to start off a project of this size.

Streamlining Scrapbooking Album

I decided to move all of my scrapbooking pages from Post Bound Albums to D-Ring Albums.

Streamlining Scrapbooking Album

This was a much bigger job than I thought it was going to be, and I underestimated the amount D-Ring albums I would need. I shared with my Facebook Friends on my Business Page last week and thought I would put together a post here with some of the information.

{Streamlining Scrapbooking Album}

I’ve been sharing a very in-debth look at this process I’m going though in my Simply Documented Membership Group. This is a place where I share so much more about memory keeping and my process.

It is also the place that I dive in with YOU to help you with your memory keeping struggles. To find out more information about my Simply Documented group you can click HERE!

Simply Documented is something that I have been working, and working towards my entire “blogging” life! I have a great desire to create and share with you! Most of the time I do that here on my website in the form of creating cards, and sharing with you my Stampin’ UP! Business!

Being a memory keeping, and helping others document everyday moments is where I find the most joy! 

I will also no longer be sharing “Project Life by Stampin’ Up Tuesday” or “Memory Keeping Fridays” instead those topics will now fall under “Simply Documented Content”

My main focus of product in my life right now is first Stampin’ UP! and second Project Life so these products will continue to be featured here on my website.

I have so many exciting things that I am working that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m feeling so blessed to have finally found the right feel, and look for my Memory Keeping Content.

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