My Favorite Moments – My Office Space

The last few weeks I have been super busy, and I have been spending more time in my office than I normal do.

Which is not a problem because I love my office space.

Over 3 years ago we started putting work into this space! We and by we I really mean my husband cleared our garage of all the junk and started building this room!

Here is what it looked like when we (he) started!

And after it was cleaned out, well mostly clean out, and the real work began!

One of the things that I am so thankful for is the fact that we have taken years to finish this project, we did all the major work right up front so that it would function as a room.

All the minor details have been done over the last 4 years. 

This has been a huge blessing because I have been able to decide what works for me, and then save the money to get

Between more painting, more items from Ikea, and more organization the room it has turned into a beautiful space to work.

I love sending time in this room.

{My Favorite Moments My Office Space}

I will be putting the finishing touches on this room over the next few weeks, and then I plan on doing a final in depth video!

Here are a few pictures of how the room looks.

My Favorite Moments My Office Space

You can see Andrew had his legos all set up, and he was laying with his sword, and shield. I also have a pile of items that need to be dealt with hanging out on the side of my shelf.

There will be a few minor changes in this area once the wall paper is hung up.

I am loving the way I have the desk set up with my computer on it. When the weather is nice I open up the door so I can watch the kids play in the front yard.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my office, and the changes that I have recently made.

I’m looking forward to finishing everything up, and filming a full office tour for you.

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