My Favorite Things | A New Hair Cut

My Favorite Things | A New Hair Cut

A few weeks a good friend wanted to give me a Hair Cut/Hair Make over for my birthday. I thought this is the BEST gift ever since I have wanted to get my hair cut for awhile.

A hair cut doesn’t seems like it would be that big of deal right??? Just go get your hair cut.

It has been, and is a huge deal for me! Several years ago when I had Violet I ended up getting H1N1, and I ended up in a coma 3 days after I had her.

When I came out of the coma, and came home I lost 80% of my hair. 

I had been growing my hair out for years, and I finally had long hair that I loved. It was a very difficult experience to go though. Most people would just say to me “You should be glad you are alive… hair doesn’t really matter.”

The truth was, it mattered to me. It was very difficult for both personal reasons, and some spiritual reasons. It turned out that this was a positive point in my life. I believe in evolving, and growing.

What happened helped me grow. 

Here is the deal. Once my hair started growing back I had some issues with it that were both embarrassing, and difficult to deal with.

So wanting to getting a hair cut, finding the time to do it, and spending the money on it was a battle within myself I having for awhile.

{Favorite Moments – Learning}

Now that you know the background of all the drama with my hair, let me share with you why going to get my hair cut turned into a moment where my one little word for this year would pop up, and try teaching me a lesson.

I headed to the hair dresser my friend recommended, and I was both nervous, and excited.

When I arrived I could tell that the hair dresser was not the kind of person who was going to be warm and fuzzy. She was a little bit cold towards me.

It made my anxiety of the situation even greater. 

As I tried to figure out what to do, or what I wanted I became even more discouraged as the hair dresser didn’t take the time to be all the helpful.

Once I had figured out what I wanted, and she started it I was left with the dye in my hair, sitting under a a dryer feeling completely lost.

I texted a friend, and simply said,”I’m scared of what my hair is going to look like, and I feel so crappy about myself.” This friend was so kind, and texted back right away that it would be okay, and it was a reflection of the hair dresser not of me, or what I could be!

Here is what I decided in that moment. I would not let this woman, who clearly has some issues determine how I would feel during this day out with a great friend. I would smile, get a hair cut, and figure it out!!!!

My Favorite Things | A New Hair Cut

Nope, I didn’t like the way the hair dresser did my hair that day. I wish she had cut it a little shorter, and I didn’t think that she did a great job layering it.

However, it wasn’t awful! It was a great start to something different, and new. 

I had a great time getting out the house with good friend! We laughed, and took some pictures. That is what mattered most to me that day.

{Favorite Moments – Believing}

My word this year is Believe! This experience I had was a moment where my word showed up in my life. It called to me to believe in myself, to believe that I was worth a hair cut even if the hair dresser wasn’t kind.

It was also a moment where I realized that I believe in kindness! 

This may sound funny… don’t we all believe in kindness. Sure, maybe. Although it doesn’t seem like the hair dresser believed much in kindness.

When I choose a word each year I am looking for ways to learn about my word, make it real in my life, and allow it to have a deeper meaning to me.

This was a moment that I realized that I believe in extending kindness, even when others are not kind.

Realizing that, and acknowledging that would lead to that belief being testing over the next few weeks in other relationships in my life that would help me to grow personal. I LOVE THAT!!!!

{Favorite Moment – Feeing Thankful}

I’m so thankful for so many things during this last month. There have been many changes happening within myself this month.

6 Responses to My Favorite Things | A New Hair Cut

  1. Kate Sicard April 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    I like your haircut! I think you look very pretty! K8

  2. Debbie Clute April 18, 2017 at 7:50 am #

    I like your haircut, but if your not happy with it, try again. It’s hard to find a hairdresser that actually listens to you. I love my hair, always have,I am blessed to have my Dad’s hair it’s even turned the beautiful silver he had! And I finally found a hair dresser that listens and is encouraging, I even had her cut it, that’s big for me as I also like it long, but it was time.

    • Katina Martinez April 19, 2017 at 4:47 pm #

      I do plan on looking for another hairdresser, I know they are not all mean!!!! It does take time to find someone that works for you! Yes, it can be hard to let go of long hair, some don’t understand that!!!!

  3. Pat Burke April 19, 2017 at 4:16 pm #

    Hi Tina, I’ve been on this Earth a long time and seen my fair share of cold Debbie Downer’s like that hairdresser. You are a beautiful human being and if at the end of the day you can lay your head down knowing that, you are a success. Sadly some people just handle adversity with negativity and making someone else feel bad strangely makes them feel good. Never pay those folks any mind. You have your family, your loyal friends, followers, and customers who adore you. I bet she can’t say that. 😉
    Feel good about yourself and see the beauty in you that everyone else sees.

    • Katina Martinez April 19, 2017 at 4:46 pm #

      This completely made me cry … Thank you Pat for such kind words. It touches my heart!

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