Project Life Weeks 13 And Part Of 14

Hello Friends! I missed you yesterday. Sometimes on Thursday’s I simply can’t get my act together, and get my Memory Keeping Friday Post ready to go.

Thursday’s is my Monday since my husband is off work Monday – Wednesday! Man are Monday’s ever hard sometimes! 

Let’s dive into Project Life Week 13! Can I just say  what a difference it has made printing my photos at least every other week! I feel like I’m more on top of my album than ever before. The only issues I am starting to face is not having my photos organized the way I want on my computer.

I have a Mac Book Pro, and I’ve been using iPhoto, however I’m thinking about getting Lightroom. Anyone have any experience with this? Leave me a comment if you do. I would love love love to hear your thoughts.

{Project Life Week 13 And Part of Week 14}

Here is a look at my week 13 for 2016. My favorite embellishment is the cluster of items, and journaling on the photo of my husband. Not only do I love the way the layer came together, but I also love the story it tells.

I did a little bit of journaling on some vellum with a Project Life Slick Writer.

Project Life Week 13

I’m finding the only downfall to printing weekly is the fact that week goes by too fast! I’m uploading photos to Snapfish, and then printing through Walgreens which is about 20 minutes away.

I think that printing photos every other week will work best. This week I am trying to use my Post It Note system, and wait a full 2 weeks before printing again.

{Project Life 1/2 of Week 14}

Here is 1/2 of week 14. You can see that there is not all that much I’ve done. I have a few things stuck in that upper left pocket, simply because I’m not sure what I want to do with them yet.

I did get some of my journaling done. I decided to wait to do any of the embellishing because I do like tying both sides together. I feel like it is easier to work on the layout once I can see both sides.

Project Life Half Week 14

This last week Ali Edwards did her DITL (Day In The Life). I purchased some supplies a few months ago thinking that I might dive in with so many others and do my own DITL. I have to admit that I am so intimidated by this project! I’m not even sure why!!!

I have been enjoying seeing others post their photos, and details of what they are doing for DITL. I completely feel in love with Allison from “All For The Memories”!!!! You have to check out her website HERE! My favorite photo from her day is her Dry Shampoo Photo.

I think I may have the courage to jump in, and try a Day In The Life here soon. Of course I will share with you when I do.

I hope you have enjoyed this process video, and a look at my Weeks 13 & part of Week 14. I will be back next week with all new projects for you!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!


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