Craft Room Update April 2016

Craft Room Update April 2016

Craft Room, and Office Spaces are always a work in progress. I believe that you never REALLY get done fixing things, organizing stuff, and changing things around. What might work for you today, may not work in 6 months.

I think that I finally have to accept that things will never be “perfect.” I promise that is a big step for me.

However, even if things can’t be perfect I do recognize that I work better, and feel better when my Craft Room / Office is organized, and put together. I thought I would share with you a simple overview with some of the recent changes I have made.

I plan on doing a “In Depth” tour this summer after we finish the walls, and painting.

{Craft Room Update April 2016}

I have my craft room in 5 major areas. I’ve put together each area in purpose in mind. This helps me to keep things organized.

{Area One – My Creative Space / Filming Area}

This is where all of my supplies are that I use to create with. Ink Pads, Coloring items, Tools, Cardstock, Stamps, etc.

I also film all my videos, and take most of my pictures here.


Here are the links to some of the products I use to organize this area:

{Area 2 – Project Life Space} 

2 years ago when we first decided to convert the garage into my craft room / office space I knew that I wanted a Project Life Space. It took a little while to figure out how to make it work in this space.

I’m so glad that I’ve been able to set this space up like this. I love popping into my office whenever I have a few minutes, and working on our Project Life Albums.


If you are interested in seeing how I organize my Project Life Core kits in these black boxes I got from Ikea you can check out by blog post about that organization project HERE.

{Area 3 – Album Organization & Cabinet}

These shelfs are my favorite, I love these cube organizers I got from Ikea. You can check them out HERE.  I went with the black/brown finish for two reasons.

First, the black/brown finishes was $60.00 cheaper than the White Finish. Enough said!!! You have got to find ways to save money when putting together your craft room / office.

Two, black matched the decor of our dinning room / living room. You can see directly into my office from both of these rooms in our house.


{Area 4 – My Desk / Work Space}

This is where I do all of my computer work. I put my Macbook Pro up on the white stand, and then I have the other monitor. This helps with editing photos, and videos.


{Area 5 – Book Shelves With Big Shot & Die Cuts}

This is one area that I am 100 percent happy with. I like how the storage works out of my Big Shot & Supplies, but I’ve never liked the set up or the way it looks.

I need something that slim to fit behind the door, and then I need something a little wider to put my printer on. I also want to leave a the wall space above the shelves, so that I have room to hang some items, or have space the for the floating shelves.


{Chalk Markers & Label}

These are the Chalk Markers & Labels that I received a few months ago. You can purchase the markers HERE and the labels HERE.


I loved the labels, and they worked great in my craft room on many different surfaces. I think the chalk markers will come in handy this summer with the kids.

I didn’t like the way the markers worked on the labels. That was a bummer.

{What’s Left To Do}

There are still a few things left to do in this room. We need to put the wallpaper up, and paint the ceiling. Those are the biggest things yet to tackle, we plan on doing this over the next few months.

I have a few minor organization projects I want to take care, once those are done I plan on doing a in-depth tour where I open each, and every drawer to share with you where I keep all my supplies.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this overview of my craft room. I will be back tomorrow to share with you Project Life Week 14


2 Responses to Craft Room Update April 2016

  1. Christine Frost May 29, 2016 at 11:43 pm #

    Hi Tina. Just watched your new project life card storage and think it is brilliant. You mentioned that the 4 x 6 cards stored on left of boxes was not as sturdy as it had more weight to hold and it occured to me that if you moved the dividers so that there was a 3 x 4 slot on both the left and right of the box you could then place the 4 x 6 cards in the middle which would make them more sturdy and it wouldn’t take too much time to switch them out. I think I will consider rearranging my project life cards back into core kits as I don’t think I get proper use of them as I too rearranged them into colours. I love your videos and have copied lots of your ideas in the past and I think I will copy this one too, though I think it might take a lot more time to put them back into core kits as I don’t have the same familiarity as you do with them. Regards, Chris Frost (Australia)

    • Katina Martinez June 4, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

      I realized that shortly after I made this video and I’ve had mine sorted like you stated since then. It does work much better with them like that in the box. Thank you so much for such kind words!!! I am thankful for the kind comments!

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