Project Life Weeks 9-12

Over the last several weeks I’ve been taking classes from Ali Edwards. As many of you might know Ali Edwards has been around in the scrapobooking world for awhile.

I’ve loved many of things that Ali Edwards has done over the years, but I have never taken a class / workshop with her. I’m wondering now what took me so long because she has simply changed my life!!

I know that sounds a bit over the top, but it is the truth. The last 3 years I have not been all that excited about documenting life. 

Yep, I totally just said that. Now I’ve managed to keep all of our albums caught up, that is simply because I believe documenting life is important. However, I started feeling like I didn’t know how to be practical, yet have creativity!

Ali’s classes/workshop have changed the way I look at Project Life, and the way I am documenting life. I have not been this excited about memory keeping in years!

{Project Life Weeks 9-12}

In todays post I have several weeks of Our Family Project Life Album to share with you. In the future I will not have so many to share with you at once.

{Project Life Week 9}

As I meantioned in my video I am using 4×6 Cards that I purchased on Etsy HERE, and 3×4 date cards I purchased HERE in my album. I’m simply rotating them from month to month.

Project Life Week 9-12

{Project Life Week 10}

There is one spot this week that doesn’t have a photo, and to be honest I have to “fake” this photo. This week we got a new dryer. It is a moment I wanted to document for a few different reasons. I meant to get a photo that day of the delivery however, I was on a business call when they got here so I missed the photo op.

So my “fix” for this is to simply “fake” this photo by taking a photo of the washer, and dryer now in the laundry room. Then placing it in this week. No one will ever know that this photo is a few weeks older.

I will still get to the tell the story, and document the moment I want to document.

Project Life Week 10

{Project Life – March Calendar Insert}

This is a simple calendar I’ve been using to document a few things through the month. The backside then acts a holding place for any extra memorabilia I want to keep.

If you would like a copy of this Calendar you can get it HERE.

For the month of March I used it as place to journal some of the struggles we have gone through.

Project Life March Calendar Insert

{Project Life Week 11}

I’ve also started typing up some of my journaling, and adding it to directly to Project Life cards by running those cards through my printer.

Project Life 2016 Week 11

{Project Life Week 11 – Insert}

This insert is of my husbands recent emergency surgeries for kidney stones. I took a Design Y Page Protector from Becky Higgins and simply cut the edge off.

All of these pictures were sent to me by my husband via text message. Yes I have trained him well! He has always been about taking photos, and texting them to me.

The left side is the front of the insert, the right side is of the back of the insert. I will have my husband do a little bit of journaling on a few of these cards.

Week 11 Insert

{Project Life Week 12}

Week 12 had several inserts. The first insert is of my Stampin’ Up promotion, and you can view that process video HERE.

Project Life 2016 Week 12

{Project Life Week 12 – Insert}

The second insert is of a local Rodeo Event we went to as a family.

The left side is the front of the insert, the right side is of the back of the insert. The bottom, right side of this insert has some journaling on it. It is a funny story of something that Violet said during one of the events.

I had to blur this card out because unfortunately our 6 year old little “lady” decided to have a bit of a potty mouth, and of course I had to document what was said.

Project Life Week 12 Insert

{Project Life Week 12 – Layered Together}

This is how Week 12 looks as it sits in our album, and all the inserts are layered together. One of my favorite things about Project Life is how the inserts layer together in our album. I think it simply looks cool.

Project Life Week 12 Layered

{Project Life Week 13 – My current week in progress}

This is the current week we are in. I thought I would give you a look at how I am organizing my page protectors before I get my photos.

Every Friday morning I sit down with our album, my iPhone, Post-It Notes, and a pen. I scroll through my iPhone, and check out my photos for the last week.

I use the Project Life App to put any of my photos together in a collage, and then I transfer everything into iPhoto, then upload everything to Snapfish. I’m currently printing through Walgreens.

My prints are ready within an hour of upload, and ordering. This way I can pick them up, and work on my album over the weekend.

Project Life Week 13 In Progress

I also delete any photos from the previous weeks that I won’t need on my iPhone. This keeps my iPhone from getting cluttered up with photos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how my Project Life Album is coming together this year! I’m so excited to being finding a happy place with Project Life once again.


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