Project Life – Telling Your Story!

Project Life - Telling Your Story!

Hello Friends, I’m so excited that we have a made through all of the aspects of Project Life I really wanted to cover. I have enjoyed all of your comments and it has great answer the many questions you have asked over this last month!

I am excited to be starting a the New Year with my Project Life Album already set up. {I will share with you what I’ve done in tomorrow post}

For now, lets jump back in and finish up our Mini Series.

{You can view the complete series here}

{Project Life – Telling Your Story!}

This week are we going to talk about Journaling!

I’ve loved Project Life from the beginning because it was ALL about telling our EVERYDAY story. I didn’t have to wait until someone’s birthday, or some big event to take a picture and then “scrapbook” it.

I’ve always had a huge desire to “scrapbook more” of our life. I didn’t know there was an effect way to accomplish this.  

This photo was taken from my OLD house, looking out my office/craft room window.  This is also the view we would see out of living room window.

This photo was taken about a week before we found we had to move. I never ever thought about those mountains really… I loved them, I loved looking at them, but I never thought of them as being part of my life, or my story.

Now I see this photo and it brings back such sweet memories.
It remind me of the life we had when were there, of our first home together, of being newly weds and having our first baby.
WOW!!!!!! Those are all amazing memories! They are all attached to this one photo. To this one moment in time.

{Introduction To Journaling -Telling Your Story}

Below you will find some items that will help you tell your story. The Week In The Life photo ideas are pretty amazing. They will give you a great place to start.

I have also created a Ultimate Guide To Everyday Journaling which you print out and use to help you. Click Everday Jouranling to access.

{How to include Facebook Status In Your Album}

This is something that I do all the time. It is a great way to get more journaling into your album, and it is a great way to include another persons voice in your album.

{Pen Review – What pens to use for Project Life}

These are all of the pens that I review in the video, you can see links to each product below along with the writing sample I did.


1. RSVP Pens – These are my favorite pens! I’ve used them forever! You can find them at Walmart or Staples!

2. PaperMate InkJoy – These pen are really nice and I love the colors they come in, you can also get these at either Walmart or Staples. (The pack shown above is ONLY $1.87 at Walmart online and you have FREE shipping site to store!)
3. Stampin’ Up Many Marvelous Writer Markers – These pens are by Stampin’ Up and you can purchase them through me as I am a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator!
4. Sharpies 80 Glam Ultra Fine Point – I love love love these sharpies, and its by far my favorite set of colors! (I found these at Office Max online however I know I’ve seen them in the store at Walmart.)
5. Project Life Pens by American Crafts – these pens are amazing and if you purchase them at HSN right now you they are only $9.95! (You can also use the coupon code: HOLIDAYSHIP13 and you will get FREE shipping, I don’t know how much longer the coupon code will work)
That is going to wrap up the Mini Project Life Series. I hope that you have all enjoyed learning more about Project Life and I way I adore it so much!

If you have any other questions please email me and of  course I will get back to you.

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