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Memories to Moments: Page Protectors!

Hi Everyone,  How much are you loving Becky Higgins Scrapbooking Systems! I’m almost ready to start my 2012 album, I just have a few things I’m finishing up.  Wendy and I have been having our own “Project Life Tuesday Mornings” Wendy’s little girl is in school for 4 hours on Tuesday Morning and My Husband […]

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Project Life Day 5 – Stamping

This is our last day of my Project Life Series, I hope that everyone has been able to see what an amazing tool Project Life can be! The most wonderful thing about Project Life and the thing that spoke to me in the very beginning of researching this “product” was the ability to make it MY OWN!  […]

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Project Life Day 4 – The Paper

Hi Everyone, Are you enjoy this Project Life Series? What do you think so far? Doesn’t it just seem so reasonable! One of the other great things that I love about “Project Life” is the fact that I really don’t HAVE to buy a single thing, but if you have nothing and you want to […]

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Project Life Day 3 – The Photos

Hi Everyone,  Today is day 3 of my Projects Life Introduction, I’m so super excited about project life, it has been so amazing to see my photos and scrapbook in a different way.  I have 2 Video’s for you today and its all about the photos!  Episode 188 – Part 1  Episode 188  – Part […]

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Project Life Day 2 – The Basic Layout

UPDATE: 9/28/2013 Since first finding Project Life I have done alot of research and tried many different ways to use Project Life.  I’ve finally found a good system for myself and you can VIEW all of my progress and resources HERE ———————————————————————————————————— Hi Everyone,  Welcome to my second day of information on Project Life  and […]

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Memories to Moments Mondays……

Hi Everyone, I’m really excited to have finally found an effect way of scrapbooking, Its called Project Life, however with all things in my life I’ve tweaked it!!!!! All this week I’m going to be giving you a introduction to my new found love! Each day this week I will have a short (maybe short…. you know me […]

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For Sale…

Hey Everyone,   Because I am changing the way I scrapbook I’m finding that there are some supplies that I have that I just don’t need anymore!   I was going to list all this stuff on ebay but I thought that I would give my amazing followers a chance grab some fun goodies.  UPDATE: Martha Stewart […]

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2006 Scrapbook

Hi Everyone,,  Okay this is it, really the very last scrapbooking that I have gone back to share with you guys, now we can dive into my new found love!!!!! (come back next week to find out what out it is)  Episode 184

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2010 Family Scrapbook

Hi Everyone,  Here is my 2010 scrapbook and we are on a roll sharing the last few scrapbooks I have.  Next week is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait for Monday to get here. I’m having so much fun getting these last few scrapbooks wraped up so I can start fresh on 2012!  I hope you guys […]

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Scrapbooking Week!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that this week on the blog I’m going to be sharing a ton of my scrapbooks! I have a few left to share with you guys! I’ve total started scrapbooking a whole new way, and I got so much more accomplished, so much fast than I had […]

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