Easy Inking Technique

Good Morning Everyone,
 I got a few questions on how I inked my embossing on my Thank You cards from yesterday.
 I love inking the edges of EVERYTHING. This is a technique that I use on almost everything I do. It is simple and gives a lot of depth to your projects.
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  1. Robin April 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    Tina that's a great technique! I bought a few inks and what I was wondering (sheesh I hope this doesn't sound stupid) is how can you tell what inks will look good with what color paper? I was thinking about just doing some trial and error with scraps and keeping a list..

    Btw…thanks for the extra paper at the class I went to! It's perfect for some old childhood pictures of myself that I'm scrapbooking to pass down to my kids someday!

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