Cherry Exciting!

Good Morning Everyone!
 Is it a Happy Monday for you? For us its a Very Exciting Monday!
 I was getting on our blog last night to post a update for this morning and I saw that someone had left us this:

 So here is how it goes:

 Here’s the rules for accepting this award:
1. you must thank the person who passed it on to you –  Thank 2 Krafty Girls! I hadn’t been to your blog before and so I took some time to you look around and you guys are great! Your blog really is awesome.
2. copy award to your blog

3. list three things you love about yourself: (Wendy and are going to do this different, I’m going to list 3 things I love about her, and she will do the same for me)

• I love that Wendy has become a runner!

• I love that Wendy is crafty (I stole this from 2 Krafty Girls, buts it true)

• I love that Wendy is a very good friend to me, the very best I have ever had!

***** Here I folks (this is Wendy)  Three things I love about Tina:

  • I love that she’s dedicated to her family, friends and church
  • I love that she was willing to watch Twilight with me even though she really didn’t want to, and didn’t completely bash it after watching it.
  • I love that she has anxiety over the same stupid stuff I have anxiety over

4. post a picture that you love on your blog – I thought these pictures were cute, they are of Wendy’s Daughter Macie, and my Daughter Kayla (Kayla is in the big sister shirt) I don’t even think Wendy has seen these! This was a few pictures I got when Wendy and Macie came to visit us in June!

5. pass award on to five (5) others – check out these super talented ladies and leave them some love – 1st Wendy are still adding the last 3 blogs. I emailed her to let her know about this award and asked her to pick a few of her favorite blogs. And I haven’t had time to let these blogs know I’m passing on the award so if you see your name and haven’t got an email or a comment on your blog yet Sorry!!!!!

On another note I have tons of updates for you guys! That is what I was going to post this morning, but instead I got to blog about our award!
So here are a few of the updates that you will be seeing this week.
Wendy has been working on album and I have pictures from her. (I need to edit them and post)
We have a fun video that we are going attempt to post. Wendy taped something while she was out on Sunday!
I have a mini album that I will be ready to post at the end of the week!
Wendy will be getting her Create a Critter Cartridge this week and she is way in the scrapbooking mode
And I will be getting Just Because Cards this week!
We also got to skype last night for a little bit and we are planning another skype night tonight!
We are looking forward to a very exciting week! We can’t wait to share it with you!
Happy Scrappin’
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